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The hijabplus


HijabPlus™ is a Doha based women’s apparel retail chain that offers the exclusive collection of women’s clothing at a very affordable price point. HijabPlus™ was founded and ran by a small team of people who try at their best you to offer a great yet simplified buying experience to respective customers. it was such my great pleasure to work with the people over the HijabPlus™.

“Life is a transition from one form to another.”

-Leo Tolstoy


Good design is innovative.

Before we came across Nazreen’s profile, we hire someone who has an established space in the design marketplace to do branding for us. It wasn’t all ok since day one. The process and the communication was so poor, which led us to the final result which is way different than what we expected. And we decided to give up on that and start over from zero and then when we look at Nazreen’s profile we impressed with that and approached him whether he’d offer us branding service. Surprisingly he reached out back immediately and agreed to meet us in person. And we discussed things in depth. And a few days later he presents a logo design and the whole branding identity system, first, it was a wow, something quite incredible and way better than what we thought initially. The visual language he came up with fantastic which is exactly the job of a designer.

Jasim hamad bin hamad

CEO & Founder, The HijabPlus.


Are you ready for change?

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